Frequently Asked Questions

Is proof of English language proficiency a prerequisite while applying for a study permit application?

Although proof of English language proficiency is not a pre-requisite while applying for a Canadian study permit, most Canadian educational institutions would require you to submit proof, unless you come from an English-speaking country.

Do I necessarily need a study permit to come study in Canada?

You will not need a study permit if you intend to take up a program that lasts less than six months or if you are a citizen of another country but have registered Indian status in Canada or you are a member of foreign armed forces for a designated state under the Visiting Forces Act or if you’re the family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada. You can also find out if you need a study permit yourself.

How much will it cost me to pursue education in Canada?

Tuition fee varies between courses, colleges and provinces. Upon signing up for our services, a dedicated consultant shall be assigned to your case and shall work together with you in selecting a course depending upon your educational background, work experience, interests, financial background and future goals. A complete breakdown of all costs involved shall be provided to you. Apart from the tuition fees, you would be required to have an allowance for other accommodation and living expenses.

Am I required to show proof of funds while applying for a Canadian study permit?

Yes, you must prove that you can support yourself, and the family members who come with you, while you are in Canada. The funds required would vary depending upon whether you’re coming alone or with a family member/members.

Will I need a furnish a police clearance certificate?

A police clearance certificate is one of the most important prerequisites if you intend to study in Canada. If required, you may have to obtain a police certificate from each country or territory where you have lived for six or more months consecutively since the age of 18. Police certificates are required to determine if you have ever had a criminal record. They also help immigration officers make sure that you are a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and that you would not be a risk to the security of Canada.

Do Canadian colleges offer scholarships to international students?

Most colleges in Canada have several scholarship programs that are designed to encourage students to perform better and many of these scholarships are specifically designed to support international students. These scholarships help the students to overcome a large part of their study expenses.
Our experts will educate you on the scholarship programs offered by the institute selected.

Will I be assisted in getting a ‘Letter of Acceptance’ from a college?

Yes, upon selection of an institution and a program of choice for the purpose of study, our team will liaise between you and the selected institution and arrange for a ‘Letter of Acceptance’. Our services also include the preparation and submission of your study permit application.

Can I work full time while studying?

A student studying at a DLI on a full-time basis may work part-time during studies, and full-time during scheduled breaks. You can only start working when your program of study beings.

Can I have a study permit but not study?

No. You must comply with the conditions of your study permit. However, students who find themselves unable to for reasons beyond their control, pay for their studies, may be eligible to apply for an open work permit.

Can I leave Canada and re-enter with my valid study permit?

Depending on the country you are from; you would require a valid ETA or TRV. Your study or work permit does NOT on its own, grant you entry into Canada.

Can I study while visiting Canada?

A visitor in Canada may study in a program that is 6 months or less without the requirement of a study permit.

How can I get a postgraduate open work permit (PGWP)?

Ensure that your institution is eligible for PGWP’s. You must study and graduate from a program that is a minimum of 8 months in length and apply within a specified time for your open work permit after you graduate.

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